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It is not just about buying a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home anymore. It is about knowing where your children will be going to school and the parks you will visit. It is about choosing to live in a community where you and your children will make long lasting memories and friends.

Things to Consider

When out viewing properties, take notice of the other homes in the neighbourhood of choice. Are their homes well cared for? Is the grass cut and hedges manicured?

Social Media and You

It is best not to go social with your buying and selling transactions. When you are selling it is best not to post “how motivated” you might be to sell as it could cost your thousands of dollars in equity.

The Team You Need

We have developed this site for you to navigate so that you can get a feel for all of the districts in Kingston and what they offer you so that you may get an idea of where you might enjoy living. Getting an idea ahead of time what districts pique your interest can help save time once you arrive for your tour.

Your House Hunting Tour

We will set your itinerary for you to see the most amount of homes in the least amount of time.

Your tour will be based on your price range and your desired qualities. We will ensure that you have time to have your home inspection before you leave town!

Viewing Properties

As soon as we start the communication process of what you are looking for and what your budget is, we can put together a list of properties for you to view.  Grab a notebook and pen so that you may record what you like and don’t like about the homes you see, so that you may narrow your field of choices.

So You've Found the Perfect Home

Once you have found your home you will want to start the Offer process. Putting in an offer does not mean that you are purchasing the home. It means that you are letting the Seller know that you like their home well enough to put an offer in.

You will need a


Giving you the Confidence to Purchase

- Pre-approval

- Firm Approval

Home Inspector

A Critical Component in your Purchase


- Documents

- Closing

- Keys

Offer and the Negotations

The Offer and Negotiation process can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending on the availability of the Seller to move the process along.


Conditions are the things that you need to check out and do before actually purchasing the property. Conditions could last anywhere from a few days to 7 days depending on the Condition. While you need to be physically present for the Home Inspection, we can use technology to complete all other paperwork.

Waiving or Fulfilling

Fulfilling is when you actually conduct the research and are satisfied with your findings. Waiving is when you do not conduct the research but are confident in moving forward.

Sold.....Now What?

Once the sold sign goes on the property it would be a good time for you to sign up for and open accounts with City Utilities or with private suppliers.

Day of Closing

It is best not to book a mover on the day your home closes. You might not get the key until 4:00 p.m. Once you have your keys go and view your new home and have your locks change. Go out and have a celebratory dinner and a good night’s sleep so that you are rested for moving in the next day.

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Have you ever taken a look back over your life and realized that the pieces just fell into place to create what you are doing right now? I never really gave it much thought but when I take a look back to my interior design days, retail and manufacturing businesses and building houses – it just seemed to lead me to the perfect place I am right now. Becoming a realtor was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

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Building houses and decks or helping with landscaping over the years with my parents was the easiest way for me to hone skills that at the time I didn’t realize I would use later. I headed off to college straight from High School and ended up staying in the Kitchener area for six years before returning back home. When my parents offered to put me through the Real Estate College I jumped on it!

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