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House Ready to Sell?

There are some very basic things that you can do to prepare your home for sale. A really good cleaning and decluttering of your home freshens it up more than you know. Patch any nail holes and bumps with some drywall compound. We provide not only a staging service but can suggest paint colours that will help sell your home faster.

For Sale.....Now what?


Q – How long will it take to sell your home?

If priced correctly, you should expect to see an offer within the time frame of what houses are selling for in your area.

Q – When will I get a showing?

You could get a showing as early as 12 to 24 hours after the home is listed.

Q – How many showings can I expect before I get an offer?

Depending on the market you could get a couple of dozen showings before an Offer is generated. On the other hand, you could be a few days if your home has all of the check marks that a buyer is interested in.

Social Media and You

It is best not to go to social media and make posts that involve one of your biggest assets. Revealing information on social media about how motivated you are to sell your home could result in you getting a lower price for your home.

The Team You Need

What we both enjoy about being on a team is that our clients get first class service and care.

Combined, Rhonda and Brandon have 15 years of experience working closely with Sellers to reach their real estate goals. They have cracked a proven marketing formula to generate faster interest of getting their clients homes in front of the audience who are most likely to buy.

What Affects the Price of My Home?

The price of your home is dictated by 3 major factors: 1. Location, 2. Size, and 3. Quality.

The more desirable the location in terms of amenities, schools and parks helps to sell a home. Size is very important because people want larger closets, bathrooms, storage, yards and ensuite. Quality has to do with the condition of the roof, windows, furnace, and the aesthetics of the home. Buyers know when the homeowner has attempted to fix or renovate something when he shouldn’t have.

What is the Right Price for My Home?

Market value is the price the home is most likely to sell for. Sellers believe that their home is worth more than Market Value because of emotional attachment. Buyers will compare your homes’ features and benefits to all of the other homes that they have viewed. It is our duty to provide a marketable price for your home, to generate enough traffic to produce an offer.

But I Want to List Higher.

If your home is overpriced you will not attract enough interest, such as Realtor showings and Open House attendance. If your home is on the market for an unusually length of time, it will be more difficult to sell because the consumer will wonder why it has not sold. On the other hand, if you are priced below value, you will experience a large amount of traffic, a flood of showing request and possibly multiple offers. Ultimately, your house will only sell for Market Value.

You will need a


Giving you the Confidence to Purchase

- Pre-approval

- Firm Approval

Home Inspector

A Critical Component in your Purchase


- Documents

- Closing

- Keys


With military moves, speed is of the essence. If you think you will be Posted this year, lets get started with planning your sale. Once you receive your Posting message, we need to list, market and sell your home in the shortest amount of time for the highest price.  We have developed a system where we use your home as a tool to target the buyers that are most likely to buy.

Though our extensive marketing platforms we are able to prequalify your home to potential buyers.



Latest Technology

High Quality photos are great, but showing a home and experiencing a home are very different. We use the latest Technology to scan your home and deliver a one of a kind true virtual tour.

Open House, anywhere, anytime, any mobile platform.

Facebook Sponsored Advertising

Our designer creates an advertisement of your home and then we uploaded the ad to Facebook.

We pay to have your home targeted to a specific group of people in a specific area who are most likely to buy it. We target not only to the Kingston area but to the military at other bases through our military data network.



Floor Plans

A critical factor in a home is what the floor plan and layout looks like. And while every buyer has a different take on what their ideal layout is like, being able to show your home floor by floor will give buyers that live in other locations (such as other bases) all the information they need to buy your home.



Will I Get Feedback?

We will give you feedback with 24 hours of your showing. Buyers who are viewing your home will be viewing dozens of homes in the period of a few days. Buyers need time to digest information and respond to their agent. Sometimes they know right away if they love a home and in that case the feedback will be in the form of an Offer.


Because of the technology that we use to market your home, we are able to provide a detailed outline of views on your home from Realtor.ca, Digital Feature Sheets, and paid Facebook Marketing.

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Have you ever taken a look back over your life and realized that the pieces just fell into place to create what you are doing right now? I never really gave it much thought but when I take a look back to my interior design days, retail and manufacturing businesses and building houses – it just seemed to lead me to the perfect place I am right now. Becoming a realtor was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

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Building houses and decks or helping with landscaping over the years with my parents was the easiest way for me to hone skills that at the time I didn’t realize I would use later. I headed off to college straight from High School and ended up staying in the Kitchener area for six years before returning back home. When my parents offered to put me through the Real Estate College I jumped on it!

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